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John Byrne

John Byrne

John studied at St. Lawrence University and became an intern for NFN in 2018.  He has earned his Financial Representative contract with the firm and is looking forward to growing a business of his own.  Mentored by one of our top advisors, John introduces people to an uncommon approach to financial planning which helps them better protect, grow and distribute wealth over time.   As people begin their careers John is a valued resource to help make sense of what someone should be doing with the income they earn.  Also, as more and more people retire John educates clients about strategies that alleviate the fear of outliving their money in retirement.

John has the drive and passion to continue to learn to sharpen his skills to help others achieve financial success. A former college athlete, John attributes his competitive nature and drive to win to his time on the football field.  He understands the value of teamwork and is excited to be a part of a firm that encourages working jointly with the best of the best.

In his free time, he enjoys running with his dog, spending time with his family and friends, and especially playing golf or going to the beach during the summer.


Financial Representative of Guardian