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16 Sept
Kicking Off Your 2021 Strategic Plan, That Starts Today


Your biggest challenges in 2020 might become your best opportunities for 2021. What's possible for your business and how will you navigate the new normal from today forward? Get your financials, your goals and your vision in place, building upon what you've learned, how you've grown and where you want to go. Options are endless when you sit in possibility and take consistent action.

  • Turning your biggest 2020 challenge into your greatest 2021 asset

  • What's possible in your financial picture next year?

  • Navigating the "new normal" for your organization from today forward

    ***Let us know what has been keeping you up at night, areas of concern you may have as it pertains to your business by emailing prior to the meeting***

    2020-106994 Exp 9/17/2020

Date and Time

Wed, Sep 16, 2020

12:00p - 1:00p EST


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