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National Financial Network Team

At National Financial Network, we have an extensive team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and specialties. We leverage our experience and knowledge to help clients pursue financial independence. While most of our clients work closely with one professional, they receive the benefit of our entire team, including depth of experience, insight, and outlook. 

Jean Armstrong -Chief Financial Officer 

David Alexander-Director of Business Development 

Veronica Chang-Director of Operations 

Joy Chin-Office Manager/Controller 

Samantha Clark-Vice President Managing Director 

Mary Flanigan-Director of Career Development 

Robert Kievit-Senior Vice President of Development 

Martin Kovatchki-Life Brokerage Manager 

Ira Lopkin-Vice President/ Brokerage Manager 

Dean Rothman-Investment Specialist 

James Steidel-Senior Vice President, Disability Specialist 

Richard Virzera-Vice President, Long Term Care Specialist 

Robert Votruba-Senior Vice President, Director of Investments 

Paula Zonin-Vice President, Disability Income Supervisor 

Valentine Ayanru-Financial Representative 

Ross Brenner-Full-Time Agent 

Kathy Chazen-Financial Representative 

Alicia John-Cox-Financial Representative 

Jerry Federlein-Financial Representative 

Noal Goldfarb-Financial Representative 

Raul Gutierrez-Agency Control Officer

Peter Harjes-Financial Representative 

Doug Holze- Financial Representative 

William Katz-Financial Representative 

Michael Korn-Financial Representative 

Robert Kula-Financial Representative 

Terry Lau-Financial Representative 

Mei Li-Financial Representative 

Frank Loscalzo-Financial Representative 

Robert Loscalzo-Financial Representative 

Marc Merber-Financial Representative 

Joseph Milana, Jr.-Financial Representative 

Joseph Milana III-Financial Representative 

David Moskovitz-Financial Representative 

James Roche-Financial Representative 

Laurence Turell-Financial Representative 

Paul Adams-Financial Representative 

Harry Appel-Full-Time Agent 

Toks-Abraham S. Adebowale-Financial Representative 

Rowland Beoku-Betts-Financial Representative 

Matthew Burkhart-Financial Representative 

Paul Ciavarella-Financial Representative 

Anthony DeLuca-Financial Representative 

Paula Filler-Financial Representative 

Hirsch Glanzer-Financial Representative 

Eugene Linett-Financial Representative 

Bryan Pascual-Financial Representative 

Eric Studley-Full-Time Agent 

Cesar Valenzuela-Financial Representative

Gary Zimmerman-Full-Time Agent