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Alec Auguste

Alec Auguste

Financial Representative

Alec is a graduate of Delaware State University with a degree in Finance. Alec is focused on explaining the importance of financial literacy to people he knows and various communities. As he worked through client meetings with different people in the firm, he quickly realized that many people believe they are good to go or know it all when it’s nearly impossible to be in that position.  Our environment changes around us, we change as people and along the journey we make financial decisions based on what we hear from friends, family, and the media.

Working with a Financial Professional is incredibly valuable especially for people who think they have it all under control.  Asking a professional for help when navigating through their own personal or business finances can bring light to the way a client thinks about something.  Another perspective can reshape the way someone thinks about a situation, life event, or goal.  Providing a service that can open opportunities for others makes this a humbling and rewarding career for Alec and that is what he enjoys most.

In his free time Alec enjoys watching his favorite sports teams play, Yankees, Lakers, and Giants

Financial Representative of Guardian.