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Benjamin Pigott

Benjamin Pigott

Financial Representative

Ben's professional journey has been fueled by his deep-seated desire to assist others. Upon starting his own family, he became acutely aware of the need to safeguard them against unforeseen circumstances. It was during this time that he reconnected with a childhood friend who was employed at National Financial Network. Through their discussions, Ben was amazed at how quickly he could grasp the intricacies of various financial tools and their collective ability to protect individuals, families, and businesses. This revelation prompted Ben to switch careers from the automotive industry to Financial Services, driven by a newfound ambition to empower clients with the confidence to manage their household finances effectively.

Now working alongside a team of seasoned Financial Professionals, Ben helps clients gain a clear understanding of their current financial standing, envision their future goals, and pursue their dreams. He firmly believes that education is fundamental to financial well-being, recognizing that dissecting one's financial situation can be daunting. Many individuals attempt to navigate this process independently or follow the crowd, seeking advice from friends and family. However, Ben emphasizes that consulting with a Financial Professional may yield unexpected insights, challenging preconceived notions about those that design financial strategies.

Outside of work, Ben is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, playing hockey, hunting, and fishing.

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