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Dylan Bencivenga

Dylan Bencivenga

Financial Representative

Dylan began his professional career as a Police Officer shortly after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he earned a bachelor's degree in psychology.

3 years into his career as a Police Officer he tore his Achilles Tendon in a controlled training environment. He was fortunate to have been covered by workers' compensation benefits while he was disabled. Unfortunately, these benefits did not replace the overtime that he depended on, only his base salary.

During the 13 months that Dylan was unable to work, he developed a dedication to growing awareness of additional financial resources available to new officers like himself, beyond the workplace. This led him to National Financial Network. Dylan officially joined the NFN family in October 2022.

Dylan’s one and only goal as a financial professional with NFN is to provide an education-first approach to develop a personalized and comprehensive safety net for his clients and their families.

He is here to serve those who work tirelessly to serve others. If you are part of a law enforcement family, a small business owner, or know one of these selfless local individuals on the front lines, Dylan’s team is dedicated to preparing people for life’s unknowns. Our team is here to identify and protect against the difficult realities of tomorrow, so clients can focus on what matters today.

Financial Representative of Guardian.