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Robert Votruba, CFS, MBA, Ph.D.

Robert Votruba, CFS, MBA, Ph.D.

Partner, Wealth Management

Dr. Robert Votruba is a distinguished financial services professional with a career spanning three decades, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and unparalleled success. As a Partner of Wealth Management at National Financial Network, Inc. (NFN), Dr. Votruba, and his team, are instrumental in overseeing the management of over $2 billion in firm assets. Dr. Votruba's illustrious career in the financial services sector commenced in 1993, and his dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to client success have consistently set him apart. His achievements and accolades are a testament to his exceptional abilities, with a notable highlight being his remarkable recognition as Park Avenue Securities' Number One Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative an astonishing five times.

This distinction is particularly remarkable given the fierce competition within the field, with over 2,500 professionals vying for this coveted award. In addition to his outstanding success within the company, Dr. Votruba has earned the honor of being named a Forbes Best in State Financial Security Professional for two consecutive years, solidifying his reputation as a top-tier financial advisor. This recognition underscores his unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional financial solutions and advice to his clients and his ability to outperform industry standards consistently.

On top of his outstanding professional achievements, Dr. Robert Votruba is a dedicated and compassionate individual who actively contributes to his local community and pursues his personal passions with equal fervor. His commitment to giving back is exemplified through his involvement with local charities, with one notable example being the Garden City Turkey Trot. Robert's participation in such events reflects his desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others and to strengthen the bonds within his community. Beyond his philanthropic efforts, Robert's personal life showcases his remarkable dedication and discipline. An avid runner and triathlete, he has completed numerous marathons and triathlons, even conquering the ultimate challenge of an Ironman competition.

His pursuit of these physically demanding endeavors demonstrates not only his unwavering determination but also his ability to set and achieve ambitious goals. Dr. Votruba is not only a dedicated professional and a committed athlete but also a loving family man. He resides in Garden City, NY, alongside his wife, Jeannine, and their four children: Sydney, Nina, Robert Jr., and Leo. Their household is also shared with their beloved canine companions, Jerry and Newman, who add an extra layer of warmth and joy to their family life. Robert's ability to excel in both his professional and personal life is a testament to his exceptional character and unwavering commitment to his values. Whether he's helping his community, pursuing his athletic passions, or nurturing his family, Dr. Robert Votruba continually sets the bar high for personal and professional success.

Registered Principal and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian. CA Life Insurance #0D23495