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Steven Wallace

Steven Wallace

Financial Professional

Steven's practice focuses on putting protections around business ownership and their teams. He owns multiple businesses. With that experience comes knowledge of what it takes to grow a business, bring it to market, to communicate with clients in a way that they understand, to wear multiple hats in one day, and to live-breathe-eat-sleep your business. Steven's network is built to help business owners grow and protect their businesses. Every professional that he collaborates with is a purposeful addition to his process with clients. Starting from the first meeting with Steven, to the referral to the CPA, to the Marketing agency, each professional helps clients to establish systems for growth and to protect those systems.
Being a business owner, and working with business owners for over a decade, he understands the interdependent relationship between the durability of a business and a business owner's personal family life and personal financial life. A business owner should never have to make a priority decision between their business bills and their personal life and finances. The result of his work is that business owners learn how to keep their business operations running smoothly and efficiently, their expenses and their staff paid, their income protected, and their families secured, during challenging times that cripple unprepared companies.
Is there a way Steven may be able to help you and your business? Here are some examples of the types of companies he has worked with:
  • Technology startups
  • Information Technology/Tech managed services
  • Marketing Agencies, Marketing sole-proprietors
  • The trades: flooring, roofing, HVAC, etc.
  • Dentists
  • Physicians
  • Consultants
  • Analytics companies
  • Attorneys
He is interested in networking, learning how you may be able to help him, or how he may be able to help you and your business, Steven encourages you to schedule some time with him. No pitch, no obligation, just a conversation:
When he's not working.Steven loves to be with his amazing wife of two years, Jenn, his kids, making time for friends and family, exercising, and cooking. An avid skier of 33 years, a mentor to entrepreneurship/startup incubator programs like EforAll, and a frequent volunteer at church.
Financial Representative of Guardian. CA Insurance License Number - 4060953.