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Valentin Polyakov

Valentin Polyakov

Financial Professional

Valentin has a strong background in marketing and advertising working with brands such as AT&T, Bank of America, Coca Cola, HSBC, AllState, Harvard Business School and many others.  He decided to shift his skills to financial services after he discovered his passion for helping others do better with the income they earn. In his past role, he was helping companies get the public to see their product or service as something they needed or now wanted whether the consumer was financially prepared to purchase or not.  He took a step back to see where the true purchasing power comes from, a well-maintained balance sheet and education to make financial decisions.

Now, Valentin empowers his clients to make educated financial decisions when it comes to purchasing something as small as weekly groceries to purchasing larger investments such as a home or perhaps a second home.  The marketing trends identified in his former role showed him that those who have wealth have wealth for a reason and the reason is typically coupled with the guidance from a financial professional.  Those who have a difficult time building wealth are potentially spending their income rapidly because they may not understand how to protect and grow the dollars entering the household.  Valentin is excited to work with individuals, families, and businesses to address their financial stress and develop a plan to alleviate that pressure.  He is a worldly man and has had the privilege to experience other cultures through his journey traveling.  He enjoys playing tennis, scuba diving, sailing and spending time with his children.


Financial Representative of Guardian