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Yordy Reyes

Yordy Reyes

Financial Representative

Yordy is a graduate of Quinnipiac University and joined the financial services industry to make a difference. Through personal experiences with friends and family Yordy realized that an incredible amount of financial stress can bare weight on families and businesses. 

Using the expansive resources at NFN, Yordy is able to help uncover problem areas causing financial stress for clients. Similar to visiting a doctor’s office when something feels off, he takes the time to listen to clients' pain points and pressures to diagnose the problem. Through data collection, education, and implementation, Yordy can help clients face their financial burdens head on and make small changes that make a sizeable impact. For most it could be something as simple as identifying the dollars that seem to be disappearing from their balance sheet monthly. Where are they going? Subscriptions unused, trips to convenience stores, banking fees, etc. These small things add up and can make a significant impact on a client's ability to save which in turn create worry about the future. 

With the support of years of experience and knowledge from NFN Yordy is now able to help clients plug the holes their lifestyle may have unknowingly created, create a budget, and protect for the curveball’s life tends to throw at us. In his spare time Yordy enjoys watching and playing sports, a big hockey fan, Yordy’s favorite hockey team is the New York Islanders. He also play’s rugby during the weekends as my form of staying active. 

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